One Belt One Road: Insights for Finland

Prepared for Tekes by Enright, Scott & Associates

“One Belt One Road” is a Chinese initiative to connect more than 60 countries (64 at present) with physical, commercial, cultural, and other links. These countries have a combined population on the order of 4.4 billion. The “One Belt” refers to the “Silk Road Economic Belt,” a recreation of the old land-based Silk Road trade routes from China through Central Asia and on to the Middle East and Europe. This is also called the “Modern Silk Road.”……

Finally, we stress once again that Finland and Finnish companies should not be passive. China’s leaders have not fully defined the OBOR initiative or the full range of OBOR projects. Many countries and companies will wait until there is more definition before engaging. The trouble is that by the time projects are defined, they are often allocated. The best way to obtain business associated with the OBOR initiative is to help define the projects. According to Chinese officials, the OBOR initiative is supposed to be open and participative. Finland and Finnish companies should try to identify projects that they are well suited for and that are consistent with the OBOR initiative to present to Chinese counterparts.

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