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The Belt and Road Initiative - A Road Map to THE FUTURE

The Belt and Road Initiative refers to the Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, a significant development strategy launched by the Chinese government with the intention of promoting economic co-operation among countries along the proposed Belt and Road routes. The Initiative has been designed to enhance the orderly free-flow of economic factors and the efficient allocation of resources. It is also intended to further market integration and create a regional economic co-operation framework of benefit to all.

The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) issued its Vision and Actions on Jointly Building the Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st Century Maritime Silk Road on 28 March 2015. This outlined the framework, key areas of co-operation and co-operation mechanisms with regard to the Belt and Road Initiative.

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The Belt and Road initiative is set to reinvigorate the seamless flow of capital, goods and services between Asia and the rest of the world, by promoting further market integration and forging new ties among communities.

The Initiative offers global businesses - from multinationals to small- and medium-sized enterprises - unparalleled opportunities to tap into new markets along the Belt and Road and gain deeper access to markets in the Mainland China, ASEAN, the Middle East, and Central and Eastern Europe. For developing and emerging economies in these areas, investment and trade accelerate development for the benefit of all.

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Opportunities In 5 Key Areas

How expansive is the Belt and Road and what does it involve? The six economic corridors span Asia, Europe and Africa and encompass 5 key areas of co-operation. Still not sure? Read "The Belt and Road Initiative Report by HKTDC Research", which explains it all.

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Hong Kong professional services have extensive experience working with global investors, lenders, project owners and public sector entities in market assessment, project feasibility studies, tendering, financing, insurance, construction and operation. To tap the latest opportunities along the Belt and Road countries, Hong Kong professional services could help both project owners and investors to make the right project decisions.

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This series of short video provide an easy way for you to learn about the Belt and Road Initiative and describe how Hong Kong can help with its business services and talent pool.