Smart Card Program

Financial Technology is able to integrate all traditional Membership Cards into smart phones, with additional features of Payment and Bonus Points plus more, Smart Card Group (SCG) is established to meet such growing and significant market demand. There is no existing and quality services provider on this key emerging market, SCG's market leadership position can be achieved professionally and efficiently. A professional and quality SCG Platform is well positioned to achieve Win-Win for Issuers (Groups/Entities/Clubs), their Customers/Associates/Members, merchants and all parties involved in this productive business arena. A professional team to build the key resources and establish customer bases for SCG to provide professional and quality servicing in Asia, starting in HK/Greater Bay Area. Provide quality 24-Hour online/offline SCG Servicing Hotline and platforms to serve Issuers (Groups/Entities/Clubs) and respective Customers/Associates/Members. Promote professional one-stop SIG Services to Issuers (Groups/Entities/Clubs), and to establish leadership position in the Cards Issuing and Servicing arenas. Implement value-added lifestyle platforms (Oriental City Group, Golf Lifestyle Group, health & beauty Group, Travel & Leisure Group and Universal Bonus Point Group) to SCG Issuers and their Customers/Associates/Members, and to build SCG market share.