BJFEZ PROJECT(near Busan New Port)

Korea is the only Asian country has signed FTAs with all three of world’s largest markets the EU, the USA, and China. The Busan Jinhae Free Economic Zone is Korea’s largest logistics hub, connecting more than 100 feeder ports in Japan, China, U.S.A. and Europe, while utilizing the award-winning Busan Gimhae international airport. Around 90 percent of Korea’s shipbuilding companies are located in Busan- Jinhae area, which is home to aroung 40 percent of the country’s machinery and mechatronics companies and which also manufactures more than 50 percent of Korean automobiles. World container hub port - Busan New Port Excellent port infrastructure such as high-tech facilities and automation systems Optimal inland link transportation network with railways and roads 24-hour 365-day operating port with automation system 26 berths in operation and expand up to 60 berths by 2040 Multinational network with 600 ports in 150 countries across the world