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Company Profile
Company Profile

Indoor air pollution is complex. It comes not only from outdoor pollution and smoking, but also from cleaning products, furniture, paint, pesticides, printing, drains and other sources. What can businesses do to effectively solve this problem?

Meo is a unique and easy-to-deploy B2B digital platform which identifies the root cause of the indoor air pollution, and advises on simple yet efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly actions to reduce the pollution impact.

We focus on grade A buildings that host businesses which have a high focus on employee performance and satisfaction. They are looking for enhanced workplace wellness solutions. We work with offices and schools in Hong Kong and Europe, and we partner with The University of Hong Kong.

Our business model is a subscription-based service for which customers receive devices which measure the key pollutants, access to digital platform for analytics and advice.

The team is composed of experienced professionals in Electronics, Software, Cloud, Data Science, Medical Science, Sales and Marketing.

We advise on how to get cleaner air with simple behavioral changes.

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