Dunwell Technology (Holdings) Co., Ltd

Company Profile
Company Profile

With over 20 years of professional experience in providing technological environmental solutions, Dunwell‘s services include:

  • Providing treatment solutions for industrial wastewater and black water, such as design and installation of treatment and reuse system; 
  • Providing lubricating oil related technologies such as re-refining/recycling of used lubricant oil and blending of lubricant oil products

Project reference:

  • Da Teng –Further concentrate of RO concentrate for coal gasification (Inner Mongolia, China)
  • Beijing Hazardous Waste Treatment Center –Vibratory Membrane Advanced Treatment (VMAT) for used oil recycling (Beijing, China)
  • Shanghai Chemical Industry Park–Environmental Resources Recycling, Integrated Reuse and Treatment Project (Waste Emulsified Fluid Treatment Project) (Shanghai, China)
  • Over 160 Public Toilets at Country Parks (Hong Kong, China)
  • Laoshan Tourist Area Public Toilet (Tsing Dao, China)
  • Sewage water treatment and reuse in Industrial Facility (Nagoya, Japan)
Project Experience
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