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Company Profile

Cheng  &  Cheng  Limited,  Certified  Public  Accountants  is  a  Hong  Kong  based 
professional accounting firm with more than 2
7years’ experience in the financial sector. Cheng & Cheng Limited, previously known as Cheng & Cheng,was established by two brothers, Mr. Cheng Hong Kei, Andrew and Mr. Cheng Hong Cheung, Francisin 1991. In the past 27 years, the number of directors has increased from 2 to 11. They specialize in different areas, from taxation, assurance to liquidation. With the  support of  more  than  250  professional  staff, we  provide  a wide range  of professional  business  support  and financial  services,  including taxation, auditing, corporate secretarial services, internal  control  and  risk management,  accounting, liquidation, pre-IPO and IPO services, other consultation, etc. As we grew, we also established affiliate accounting and consultancy firms in Shenzhen and Huizhou. The teams in these locations comprise of professionals in their respective areas  and  local Chinese  Certified  Public  Accountants.  Other than  setting  up our own affiliate companies in  the  Mainland  China,  we  joined  an  England  based  professional network, CH International (“CHI”), in August 2012 to facilitate our international clients with worldwide connected services they require. CHI is an international association of accountants, auditors,  tax  specialists  and  business  advisors  from  more  than 40 jurisdictions around the world which quite a few of them are countries covered under The Belt and Road Initiative.

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