Wireless Fast Charging & Top-up for Electric Buses

About this project
Wireless charging is a future-proofing method that converts current MANUAL plug-in charging to fully AUTOMATIC charging while providing easy, safe, low maintenance and weather-proof features. More importantly, wireless charging doesn't require extra costly land space,which is a huge issue to install plug-in chargers in a bus depot. Intdevice brings the wireless power higher and higher, so electric vehicles can fast charge or rapidly top-up themselves automatically. The project is to solve the two biggest problems to operate electric buses: 1) How to add more charging facilities in already overcrowed bus depots?  2) How to extend the driving range? Wireless charging doesn't require extra land space, so a bus depot can maximize the number of buses to be parked, and meanwhile provide the charging for parked buses.  With wireless FAST charging, a bus can quickly top-up its battery at a bus depot, a bus stop or a traffic light to : guaranty to cover its route or extend its route or reduce battery size to save cost and weight. A charging pad can be placed above or underground next to a bus stop or a traffic light. When a bus briefly stops above the charging pad, the bus starts to rapidly top-up its battery. The charging power can be 200kW~400kW, and an accumulated 30 minutes top-up time can add 30% ~70% extra capacity to a regular bus battery of 300kWh.  China has about 0.5 million e-Buses now and has annual 15~20% increase rate. Therefore, the TAM (total available market) can be at least US$4.0 billion (base on current 0.5m buses).