Water Management Project in San Vicente Flagship Tourism Enterprise Zone, Palawan, Philippines 3

About this project
The Water Supply and Distribution System in the Municipality of San Vicente, Palawan is envisioned to help improve people’s health through stable water supply and enhanced access to sanitations services; strengthen the government’s administrative structure, institutions and human resources capacity to enhance the sustainability and efficiency of water use; and build water supply and treatment facilities to ensure the safe use of water by people and continuously expand access to basic sanitation facilities for all households. The Sewerage Treatment Plant (STP) and Drainage System to be developed in Barangay Port Barton in San Vicente, Palawan is aimed to ensure 100% sewer connection of residential and commercial establishments within the Barangay improving the wastewater management in the area, ensuring protection of vulnerable groups, and enabling equal access to health/hygiene and sanitation. The implementation of Flood Mitigation Facility and Drainage System in Cluster 1 of San Vicente Flagship Tourism Enterprise Zone (TEZ) in the Municipality of San Vicente, Palawan is deemed very necessary to protect the TEZ area from a flood brought about by the overflowing waters from the river at Pinagmangalukan Beach and the river at Bokbok Point; to reduce flood risks by minimizing flooding and improving drainage in the flood-prone areas; and to improve the quality of life of affected residents and enhance the economic growth of the Municipality.