United Kingdom - Sunderland Smart City Project

About this project

Sunderland City Council is planning to appoint a private consortium for a 5G technology and fibre-optic roll-out across its city centre.

The so-called "Sunderland Smart City Project" will involve the design, construction, finance and operation of 5G and fibre infrastructure across the city. Project timetable, capex and financing model are yet to be confirmed.

The infrastructure will be used to connect transport facilities, schools and businesses. The network will have open access, meaning it can be used by any mobile network operator to sell their 5G services – implying speeds of at least 50Mpbs – in return for a rental fee paid to the council.

The council is working in partnership with the North East Procurement Organisation, a procurement body for high-value strategic projects by local authorities in northeast England.

This project is sourced from Inframation (https://www.inframationnews.com).