Taxonomy of Life

About this project
Considering the fact that computers are widely used nowadays and we now couldn’t even imagine our lives without them, I believe we came to the point where every human being on Earth needs to have a timeline called Taxonomy of Life that follows through our lives and that we can constantly build and develop making information about us even after our life for our descendants. It will contain all important information in a structured and standardized form, a time indicator and a possibility to generate a special balance sheet about our life periodically called balance of life, the result of which depends on how well we got to understand our environment, how well we able to size up our skills, health and the amount of willpower we are able to use. We either fight or just float along the life stream; the result will eventually appear in our balance of life. To reach this goal you have to elaborate a new Taxonomy/dictionary based and harmonized with the XBRL 2.1 specification, then based on this to create a new multilingual application with a special respect for data protection/privacy and to bring this application to the market and promote it.