Spain - VR Tools for Treatment of Neurological Diseases

About this project

A virtual reality tool for the medical treatment of cognitive deficits and motors in people with damage or neurological diseases; the problem: 20% of the world population suffers cognitive problems; 7.5 million people in Spain suffer neural diseases; 170k people a year have ictus in Spain and 1.7 million in Europe. By increasing motivation and adherence of patients to the treatment, rehabilitation times will be reduced by 20%. It gamifies neurorehabilitation by transferring the patient to personalized virtual spaces designed for rehabilitation. By using VR glasses the patient experiences the possibility of participating in personalized virtual spaces, getting more motivation and adherence to the treatments. By using virtual reality-haptic-gloves the patient can not only interact with the virtual world but he can also feel and touch; with a team of our therapists we develop virtual games specially designed for neurorehabilitation.