South Korea – SmartScreen Solution

About this project

The company is a Korea-based software developer and supplier. It has developed more than 100 kinds of software at home and abroad such as SmartScreen, SmartOffice and SmartCampus. It offers solutions in the fields of smart screen, education, development, management and IT Startup. In the first half of 2020, the company has generated sales of 3.66 billion won and net profit of 2.5 billion won. After exporting US $1 billion products to Macao, it plans to open a hypermarket in Chicago, USA.

The main products and IT startup solution of the company include SmartScreen, SmartCampus and Fantasium. The SmartScreen solution creates a complex cultural space with combination of sport, education and culture based on virtual reality (VR) technology. It allows people to enjoy 15 different screen sports, sing, play music, watch movies and receive smart education in one place. SmartCampus consists of Video-Based Education System (lesson management system), Live Education System (video conferencing classes/lectures and live broadcasting), Smart Education System (mobile apps available) and Self-Directed Learning System (iBT question bank). It offers a well-rounded education solution which meet the needs of schools, educators, teachers and students in remote video and live education during the pandemic. Fantasium is an unmanned operation supported IT startup solution that converges sports, education and entertainment. It can be applied in golf rooms, baseball gambling rooms, equestrian rooms, tennis rooms, bowling rooms, gateball rooms, music and film cultural experience zone etc.