About this project

In the interest of developing and enhancing economic trade between Romania, a gateway to EU markets, and the Greater Chinese Asian Region, through its proffered economic liaison, the administrative region of Hong Kong, the proposal of tactical acquisitions of Romanian stock market (BVB) listed companies that are deemed relevant as competitive suppliers in line with the import requirements of the Republic of China and its relevant Asian partners, is hence put forward for consideration. For further strategic development of the Belt and Road initiative we consider Romania, through its manufacturing and services potential a worthy partner to enhance the goals of global prosperity and maximization of opportunities within the strategic region of EuroAsian. With a business friendly environment promoting foreign investment, strong technological capabilities and access to European markets, Romania can provide, through a diversified investment vehicle, opportunities of acquisitions of tactical shares in local suppliers that are deemed mutually beneficial to enhance the strategic global supply chains of China. The value thus created will benefit all parties involved though providing a guaranteed ROI for the raised investment fund together with the tight interaction of importers and exporters of goods to and from China, leading to enhanced cooperation and economic growth.