Russia - Ford Property Complex

About this project
The property complex is located in the industrial zone of Vsevolozhsk in close proximity to St. Petersburg. Vsevolozhsky District is the most densely populated and economically developed district of the Leningrad Region. More than 3 million square meters of residential property have been commissioned in the area over the past 5 years. For now, the Vsevolozhsky District is the only district in the Leningrad region where there is a metro station and there are also two MEGA shopping malls with a total area of​more than 150,000 m² (owned by IKEA). The industrial zone of Vsevolozhsk covers an area of about 400 ha and is intended to accommodate enterprises of 4-5 dangerous classes. The location is provided with passenger and freight railway links with St. Petersburg as well as highway. The convenient location provides a balance between transport accessibility and the price of real estate. Among residents of the industrial zone area large number Russian and Foreign companies, for exp. «NokianTyres», «Ariston», «Liviz» and «Ford Motor Company».