About this project
SBMA is looking for investor partner/s for the Redondo Link Bridge. Background: The Redondo Peninsula and its areas facing the bay is currently planned as an industrial zone, while leisure and cruise tourism is planned for the caves facing the West Philippine Sea. At present, the area is accessed from a road navigating Olongapo, Subic and Castillejos, or by means of ship. Connectivity has been a challenge within the Subic Special Economic Freeport Zone (SSEFZ). Description: The proposed bridge spanning approximately 6.4 kilometers will be connecting the Subic Port District and the Redondo Peninsula, thereby expanding development across the bay. Considerations: Height restrictions of structure due to the operational Subic Bay International Airport (SBIA) Clearance from mean sea level and bridge soffit along seaway of navigating vessels to and fro the various parts of Subic Bay