Qatar - Hamad International Airport (HIA) Expansion (Phase 2) (Package 0013)

About this project

The project involves the expansion of Hamad International Airport located in Doha. Total area of the project is 537,259 square meters. The expansion at Hamad International consists of Phase A and B.

Phase A of the expansion will comprise the central concourse linking concourses D and E, expanding capacity from 35 million to 53 million passengers, annually.

Phase B of the expansion will commence after the completion of Phase A, and will extend concourses D and E to further enhance the airport’s capacity to more than 60 million passengers annually. Expansion of Phase 2 mainly focuses on the capacity and passenger experience.

The expansion of Hamad International Airport will also feature the following:

  • Additional e-gates, a remote transfer baggage facility, new duty free and passenger amenity areas, new lounges and hotel fit-out, aprons, support facilities, and associated infrastructure
  • Construction of a hotel offering 100 rooms
  • Spectacular 10,000 square metre indoor tropical garden in a central concourse, as well as a 268 square metre water feature which will be the focal point of the project 11,720 square metres of landscaped retail and food and beverage space, which will enhance the multi-dimensional offerings of the airport
  • New transfer area which will help shorten passengers connection times and will improve their overall transfer experience at Hamad International as well as the central concourse building & early works that will accommodate nine additional wide-body aircraft stands

The expansion will support the growth and success of the Qatar Airways and Hamad Airport, as well as Qatar’s hosting of the FIFA World Cup in 2022.

This project is sourced from BNC Network ( Project ID: PRJQA14105800