Project Accommodation

About this project
This Company has been involved in the acquisition, disposal and management of more than 40 regional accomodation properties. It has developed proprietary checklists for checklists for acquisitions and managment that ensure a standard apporach is taken across physical, operational, legal and financial due diligence. The managment team average over 20 years relevant experience. The team comprises specialists across operations, renovations, finance, hospitality and accomodation disciplines, sales and marketing, yield management, digitial marketing and compliance / risk management. The team is well-known to most real estate and business brokers active in regional accommodation markets throughout Australia. The Comapny typically receives 200+ acquisition opportunities per annum - often on an off-market basis. initial screening rule out many properties and only a handful make it into the portfolio each year. The Company is now looking to finance further acquisitions of regional accomodation properties.