About this project
POINT TV is a new project that we are looking funding partner. Our president is mr.Chin yoke kee who is the president of China-Malaysia Consortium of Film, Arts & Digital Content. POINT TV is owned by POINT Studios Sdn Bhd. POINT TV is a newly established MULTI CHANNEL NETWORK company. POINT TV specialise in digital content, E-commerce, on line business, Influencer & digital marketing. We have  a strategic partner of top 5 live broadcasting & influencer management group in China. We train and are signing up 100 world class  Influencers  in Asia. We are producing digital content for our own online channel for u tube, tik tok, tourism Malaysia and Malaysia government. We own various intellectual properties of digital content, phone applications and building a strong data base in Malaysia & Asia. With our network globally, Malaysia is bridging China with Western countries in on line businesses.  We are looking for potential partner to invest financially into our newly established POINT TV sdn Bhd and hope we can be listed in Hong Kong within 5 years.