Peace through innovation

About this project
One of the main underlying themes and driving factors of SILKROAD 4.0 is to encourage international and cross-cultural understanding between countries and peaceful co-existence between peoples, regions and different parts of the world using innovation, inspiration and technology as a language, a vehicle and a platform for causing positive change. The more one travels, the more one understands that all humans just strive for the same things. To enjoy our time on the planet, live a sustainable life, have positive interactions, and create a peaceful atmosphere for those around us. Corporates and individuals can meet each other at eye level, to enable necessary changes: Thankfully, a lot of the issues the world faces on an ongoing basis are being addressed and tackled through implementation of new technologies, ideas, and a positive global shift in consciousnes. The sharpest minds in the leading startups, companies, industries and philanthropic organisations in the world are dedicating their lives and resources to solving these issues, both now, and for future generations. We're very happy to be able to play a small part in this shift, by helping to bring positive technologies and concepts together. Making connections to the right people that can elevate these world-improving initiatives to the levels where they can cause positive change - for all of us.