Pale Nadi One Stop Logistics Peoject

About this project
This project is just planing and a business proposal stage. I have my own land 100 Acas beside of the Mawwin Choung River , which conect with Yangon mani river. The project location is beside of Thilawar economics Zone, which only one the most famous in Myanmar. On the other hand, we have long river side and can build a jetty too. Our location is nearest to Thilawar Sea Port and close with several Industrial zone. There have a Outter Ring Main Road project is passing beside of us and the last last train station ( Mandaly and Yangon) is just 3-5 minus drive distant.  Now a day there have no logistics park, barging jetties and ware house  for export cgo and stowage. We have enough space to do Packaging industry park to supply the whole country and to do as a Custom Bonded House for all eCommerce products  too. In future, surely  there have a Belt and Road  project in Myanmar and we can conect easily to all ROAD, RAIL and INLAND WATER way from our Industrial Park. Surely no one can get the strong point like us.