Neva Healthcare

About this project
Neva Healthcare had developed a technolgy which is recognised by the FDA and "eats Covid, the flue and Monkey pox".  This techology is a global first based on the technolocial innovations from our tecchnologists based at Georgia Tech. This project will be of global significance.  It is a wall mounted or desk-top unit. The non-hospital version has been finalised. $3.5m is to launch this. The hospital version needs medical trials - USD 10m is allocated for this. It is lead by a world class team. The CEO has lead 4 previous medtech projects. Up to 40% of script is available.  A capital even is planned within 5 years but it will be based on the view of the sharesholders. LOI's have been received from Government, a major hotel group and a mdical supplier. The Board are keen to have a "smart money" investor to assist in marekting and distribution globally.