Myanmar - Muse-Htigyang-Mandalay 446Km Expressway PPP

About this project

The project involves development of Muse-Htigyang-Mandalay Expressway in Myanmar.

The government will seek both local and international investors for the project.

The project, which involves the construction of a 446-km, four-lane expressway in the northern part of the country, is slated to be completed in 2026.

The expressway will be divided into two parts: a 206km stretch that will be part of the country´s east-west highway, connecting the border trade hub of Muse in Shan state with the city of Htigyaing; and a second 240km leg connecting Htigyaing to Mandalay, further south.

The project is expected to boost connectivity with the China-Myanmar border, and increase the trade flow between Mandalay and the country´s economic capital of Yangon.

The estimated cost of the project is USD 820m.

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