Mass Housing Projects

About this project
The Federal Government of Nigeria through the Ministry of Power, Works and Housing has come to terms with the huge deficit in housing provision (13–17million units). Concerted effort is being made to focus on housing for Low- and middle-income earners popularly referred to as “Affordable housing”.   A new JV initiative exists in the Ministry as part of the Federal Government’s Post Covid plans to reflate the economy. Highlights of the initiatives are as follows: Government provides land and ensures all necessary regulatory bottlenecks are eased. Government pre-qualifies designs based on pre-determined parameters and research already carried out. Government guarantees some level of offtake through enrolment of her employees who need housing. Developers organizes the technical aspect of project execution and delivery of the homes. Developer organizes the short/long-term financing of the projects. Government through her Financing agencies offers limited mortgages to some of the prospective purchasers. We actively seek viable EPC financing investment/deals from suitable lenders/investment groups Kindly note that all dates indicated in this form are not actual since any dates regarding this project will be fixed in the future upon negotiations between the government and the investor. Also, please note that all amounts mentioned are indicative as the form does not allow enough room to input available information