Kyrgyzstan - Trade Logistics Center for new route of agricultural products

About this project

Purpose of project: opening of new route of agricultural products deliveries through the construction of trade-logistics center. Partners: 2-1. the Kyrgyz Expert Group on implementation of the Pilot Project (under the auspices of Working Group) State organizations (Ministry of Agriculture, Naryn region administration, Kochkor district administration, Local government) Government agencies (Chamber of Commerce and Industry, public associations, Association of Carriers and Logistics, KSTU named after Razzakov, (KNAU named after Skryabin) Private companies (logistics companies, supermarkets, brokers, consultants) 2-2. Kochkor farmers: 3 cooperatives, 1 association of farmers, 11 farms, in total 93 farmers Vegetable culture: Kochkor potatoes 1,500 tons/year (tent.) TLC construction (JICA: building materials, costs of equipment. Kyrgyz side: cost of building works, land, electricity, water and sewerage, infrastructure development) Development of TLC management standards (collecting of agriculture products from producers, sorting, packaging, storage of products during logistics, market expansion in Kyrgyzstan)