KCN Phu An Thanh Long An

About this project
KCN Phu An Thanh has 13.4 ha at Phu An Thanh Industrial Park, Long An province   Project advantages: High-quality construction with hybrid design. International management, competitive rental rate. Near residential area (Nam Long – Ben Luc Residence, Waterpoint Residence…), abundant labor force and competitive labor cost The project is located in the southern key economic region and is the gateway connecting the Southeast to the Mekong Delta. There is an inland waterway port in the industrial park, which is convenient for transporting, loading and unloading raw materials and goods. Convenient for commuting to and from Ho Chi Minh City through Ho Chi Minh – Trung Luong highway, National road 1A within 1 hour. Environmentally friendly by equipping solar panels for factories. Enjoy attractive tax incentives.