Kazakhstan - Cement Production

About this project

The project involves the production of cement from limestone and clay, namely, Portland cement, alumina and hydraulic cement, painted and unpainted, including by the clinker method in West Kazakhstan, Aktobe or Zhambyl regions.

Competitive advantage: The domestic market is characterized by the presence of interested partners with a well-developed sales market (West Kazakhstan, Zhambyl, Aktobe regions). It is interesting to develop the production of bio-cement. One of the factors for the development is a growth needs of the construction sector, the growing importance of the medical sector. Potential markets also include Tajikistan, Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Azerbaijan.

Investment preferences: Exemption from customs duties, tax benefits (CPN; land tax and property tax – 0%), in-kind grants.

Preferences of special economic zones: SEZ «Saryarka» in Karaganda region specializes in metallurgy, metal processing and mechanical engineering; SEZ «Pavlodar» - metallurgy, chemistry; SEZ «Turkistan» - mixed.

Business roadmap-2025: Subsidizing; grants; summing up external infrastructure.

Measures of state support for Kazakhstani producers through QazIndustry: Reimbursement of part of the cost of increasing labor productivity and developing territorial clusters; promotion of domestic processed goods on the foreign and domestic market.