Hubei Free Trade Zone Xiangyang Area Cross-border E-commerce Incubation Base

About this project
The first phase of the industrial park is located in the Guangcai High-tech Industrial Park of Xiangyang High-tech Zone, with a construction area of 17279.87 square meters (of which the above ground area is 15443.17 square meters and the underground area is 1836.7 square meters), the park's living facilities and services are complete, and the surrounding commercial atmosphere is deep. It is adjacent to Xiangyang North Railway Station, the largest one-way longitudinal railway marshalling station in Asia, and 7 kilometers away from Xiangyang Bonded Logistics Center. Leasing Xiangyang Caicheng Investment Industrial Co., Ltd. covers an area of 15400 square meters. With a total investment of 35 million yuan, the industrial park will help import and export trading companies, production enterprises, import and export enterprises, talent incubation, international logistics companies, product supply chain companies, platform enterprises, and live broadcast companies to play a role in the wider domestic and international markets. Provide cross-border trade comprehensive services for cross-border trade entities, including: international business, ports, customs clearance, commodity inspection, tax rebates, foreign exchange settlement, foreign trade finance, warehousing, logistics, freight forwarding, marketing promotion, policy application consultation, etc.