About this project
With our Blockchain startup HODLNG, we digitalize green LNG (liquefied natural gas). With our digital asset, we create the differentiated-product carbon-neutrality LNG, leveraging innovation carbon-neutral business models in the natural gas eco-system. We design digital twins to represent a certain volume of non-fungible gas. A Digital Asset (digital representation of a cargo) captures all information of a given LNG volume, associated with a carbon-neutral LNG cargo. LNG Stakeholders interact on a specific volume, differentiating the same molecules of gas (fungible) with specific green attributes (non-fungible). We track the digital twin of a molecule; tagged with meta data. Digital assets’ features: Fractionable (dividable digital asset, specific volume of LNG); Transferable (change of ownership, for traceability along all value chain); Transactional & Valuable (Premium offers with evidence of low emission), Stackable (rewards mechanisms). LNG players can help entities meet their net-zero commitments by sourcing green LNG; supporting companies for their green/carbon neutral initiatives throughout the whole supply chain. A redistribution mechanism, governed by smart contracts, transfers collected fees to local communities, triggering positive impacts; contributing to UN SDGs achievement. We offer a life-time value oriented service in a dynamic multi-actors model, t