(Gucheng) Chengnan Tourism Upgrade Project

About this project
The project plans to invest 1.5 billion yuan, located in the southern area of Chengguan Town, bordering the Han River and the South River, and the 303 Provincial Highway passes through the district, with beautiful mountains and rivers and a beautiful environment. With the theme of "Ecology, Green, Leisure and Vacation", the project implements the 1+8 plan with the cherry blossom valley of Laojun Mountain as the core, driving 9 village communities in the south of the city to make global tourism bigger and stronger. Through the construction of boutique orchards, boutique farms, boutique homestays, landscape sketches, etc., vigorously develop experiential rural tourism. Create a rural leisure tourism agglomeration area integrating ecological agriculture, cultural tourism, sightseeing and picking, catering and homestay.