Future Ready B2B eCommerce / Marketplace, Trade Facilitation(Cross Border), Supply Chain and Pricing Optimisation Platform

About this project
Future Ready B2B eCommerce Platform to facilitate Cross Border trade where ecosystem partners (transportation companies, banks, customs, etc) are interconnected for seamless trade facilitation, operationalising Free Trade Agreements. Supply chain visibility (real time tracking, traceability) across value chain enables speedy response to supply chain disruptions. Platform caters for large corporations & SMEs, with different levels of process maturity. For higher process maturity companies, deal profit optimisation (optimising pricing, negotiation, logistics cost, volume prioritization, sourcing cost) is enabled through AI engine. The platform will introduce a game changing business model for the next product release; able to act as “Virtual Distributor” and “Market Price Arbiter”. For a start, for the Agriculture / Aquaculture Industry. Transportation economies of scale is achieved for small order buyers and small quantity sellers through demand aggregation and supply aggregation. Inventory Management, Supply Demand Balancing (with Transportation Matching) at TOTAL MARKET LEVEL is provided to optimise the matching to reduce food wastage, logistics & distribution cost and carbon footprint. This allows the platform to be a Virtual Distributor and Network Optimiser. As Market price Arbiter, automatic mechanism raises price when supply is short and reduces price during oversupply. Powered by AI/Blockchain/Cloud/IoT/Mobile.