Federal Highway Concessions

About this project
Around 68.3% of Nigeria’s 194,200km network of roads are unreliable and in poor condition. Only about 65,000km of the total national road network is paved in bitumen, even though 95% of passenger and freight traffic travels by road. The Federal government of Nigeria is seeking both local and international investors who are interested in acquiring road concessions. The opportunity exists to invest in Nigerian road infrastructure and to recoup investment using tolls over a long-term concession period. The specific details and assurances required by any investors can be negotiated with the Federal Ministry of works and Housing and will be backed by the full faith of the Federal republic of Nigeria. Specifically, the following are available for concession:   Existing Federal roads with significant traffic Uncompleted road projects hampered by lack of funding Planned roads with significant potential traffic. Kindly note that all dates indicated in this form are not actual since any dates regarding this project will be fixed in the future upon negotiations between the government and the investor. Also, please note that all amounts mentioned are indicative as the form does not allow enough room to input available information