Egypt - Basalt Rocks Extraction and Manufacturing

About this project

Basalt Rocks are rare reserves found globally in some countries among them Egypt. Basalt was discovered it can be manufactured and developed into Basalt Continuous Fiber (“BCF”). BCF can be used as different products that would be more solid than even stainless steel in civil construction, infrastructure, and strategic industries. The world in desperate needs to obtain BCF materials.

The investment capital to cover the concession of 30+ years to extract the Basalt Rocks from its reserves locations, build EPC planet to manufacture Basalt Rocks into BCF, price for high technology equipment & machines to transform the Basalt Rocks into manufacturing BCF materials products, and to covering the start-up operation and marketing the products. The investment opportunity is relatively having good ROI on the short and long term investment schemes. The investment opportunity can be flexibly structured as per parties’ agreement.