About this project
  E-FRESCO is a global start up project for cross border trading of fresh produce. Mainly our project provide TradeTech and Marketing solution for fresh produce. Our project consist of 3 components.   Virtual Market Place to link buyers and sellers for export and import of fresh produce( Fruits and vegetables). Almost 80% completed. Live! ( This component solves the supply side) Global Retail solution to aggregate green groceries and retailers ‘demand. Almost 75% completed. Live ! ( This component aggregates the driven demand from retailers) Blockchain portal that secure quality and payment terms of cross border trading of fresh produce. Under development. ( This component secure quality and payment terms).   We are looking to network globally with key decision makers in the industry , such economic & agri-developers, supply chain partners, investors and so on..   Our project has a global impact on all actors of the supply chain of fruits and vegetables. Our main goal is to open new markets, increase trust and transparency, secure quality and payment terms of fresh produce cross border trading.