China Organic Valley Supply Chain Industrial Park Project

About this project
The project investment of 7 billion yuan, organic valley (Nanzhang) supply chain industrial park is an important component and core support of "China's organic valley", the construction content of this project includes "four districts and one library": organic agricultural products exhibition and sales area, processing and warehousing area, brand packaging area, commercial service supporting area, 10,000 tons of cold storage. The distribution of each format is subject to the planning scheme. The site of the project is located in the northeast side of the intersection of Danyang Avenue and Dinglan Avenue in Nanzhang County, Xiangyang City, with a total land area of about 300 mu (the actual area is subject to the zong map of the natural resources and planning department). The project is planned to be built in two phases (the land area of the first phase is about 120 mu, and the land area of the second phase is about 180 mu), and the total plot ratio is