About this project
The COVID-19 pandemic sparked a domino-like collapse on supply chains. Product’s origin, conditions during transportation, and logistic checkpoints became acute concerns for manufacturers/suppliers. The market lacks an answer for lack of transparency and trustworthiness between stakeholders in supply chain management. Hence, CerTraze, a blockchain-based product tracing and certifying platform, was developed. CerTraze allows every stakeholder to have real-time oversight of the entire product cycle: The composition of raw materials; Product logistics; Ownership Certification and Transfer. Leveraging the combination of blockchain technology and IoT devices, CerTraze enables diverse data capturing and immutable documentation. CerTraze increases transparency and forge trust among the stakeholders (manufacturers, retailers, procurers, supply chain management etc.), they do not have to trust each other but the technology itself. This blockchain-based product certifying platform will create a new standard of brand credentials. CerTraze is currently at the incubation stage of development and conducting IoT compatibility tests. We are now building a customizable platform, which enables diverse data capturing, modular interface design, visualized analytics automation. Our current goal is to extend CerTraze coverage up to at least 50 enterprises within several years as we forecast CerTraze could enhance the supply chain ecosystem, by minimizing operation cost with enhanced performance.