Car like e-bike for a new urban delivery concept

About this project
CityQ: Reinventing Urban-mobility CityQ may look like a car – but it is not much larger than a cargo-bike. with width of only 87cm it weights approx 70kg. With a powerful motor up to 250W and max speed of 25kmh, It is aligned with European regulations for eBikes. So, as a driver you can pedal in bike lanes, streets, by the beach, up & down hill, under the rain and any other weather conditions and terrains. CityQ has two powerful batteries that can easily be charged at home, which gives you a range of 70-100km drive per charge. We are looking for an investor who is interested to bring 2,000 of those bikes to the Strets in Hong Kong or a city in South China for a first test run. We can build a small assembly workshop together.  We suggest to etup a joint venture company in Hong Kong for this project. In Europe, delivery companies like DHL or Amaon are interested in this concept.