Cambodia - The first Tier III data centre (National telecommunications infrastructure)

About this project

This project forms part of the national telecommunications infrastructure, with the first batch of customers being Government, local banks, telcos, cloud providers and utilities.

The first phase includes two carrier neutral data centres with combined power capacity of 10MW and 1,600 racks. Our revenue stream includes co-location, managed services, business continuity, disaster recovery, carrier hotel and cloud services.

The project has obtained all necessary approvals for construction and requires $91M to construct. The construction period takes 24 months. Investors will be able to exit in the fifth year of investment. The projected IRR of the project exceeds 31% based on co-location revenue alone.

Due to the lack of supply of Tier III data centres (currently none) in the local market, customers respond positively to use Kepstar’s upcoming Tier III data centre. Government, local banks, Global Telecoms and Cloud companies have expressed interest and some have already signed up.

Cambodia’s political environment is relatively stable compared to other developing South East Asian countries.  The country has experienced 7% GDP growth for the past 15 years. There is no exchange rate risk as the business transactions are conducted in USD and the country has no capital control.