Bourgas Logistics Center

About this project

Bulgaria is a medium size country situated in the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula. Being part of the large EU single market, Bulgaria is strategically located in the gateway between the EU and Asia. Also, being on the main trans-European road to the Middle East, so called forth corridor, a large volume of cargo passes across the country. Bulgaria is famous with its coast line on the Black sea, offering one of the best resorts for the million tourist flow. All these factors determine considerably in the growing demand for transport and logistics. As a matter of fact our investment project is based on the idea of using all of these opportunities for business. So the project of the logistic center covering the whole scale of specialized product stores combined with the updated office facilities offers a lot of advantages in transport businesses. But when all of the advantages are associated to the perfect location – the international airport of Bourgas – the evaluation of the project becomes real.