About this project
AIRPORT CONSULTING VIENNA GmbH (ACV) an international airport consultant and industrial ex-pert for airport developments signed with CSCEC a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the promotion and development of underdeveloped airports in the Belt & Road region. For this pur-pose, the parties will support the establishment of a financial and technical platform for selected airports in the region.  The platform, BELT & ROAD AIRPORTS PLATFORM (BRAP), targeted with an investment volume of EURO 2,0 bn will invite Chinese and international investors to participate in this exciting project.  CHINA STATE CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING CORPORATION LTD (CSCEC) will cooperate with ACV via its subsidiary CHINA STATE CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING CORPORATION LTD INTERNA-TIONAL OPERATIONS (CSCI) responsible for overseas projects and developments. CSCEC is the big-gest construction company in the world with about 300.000 employees. CSCEC is well-known for its outstanding quality and technology providing inter-alia all kind of construction and infrastructure projects in China and abroad.  Due to Covid the project was on hold for the past 2 years, but is set to pick up in coming months.