Aurora Tele-Oncology Platform

About this project
Aurora Tele-Oncology Platform deploys artificial intelligence (AI) to categorise series of patients' reports and summarise all patient data for oncologist to review, which assists oncologists to have remote consultations with patients.   At present, more than 50 oncologists and healthcare professionals from Hong Kong, the United States and other places have joined our network, served more than 200 patients from Hong Kong, the Mainland China, Southeast Asia, and Europe. In addition to arranging teleconsultations through the platform, experts from different regions can also join multi-disciplinary team (MDT) meetings to discuss treatment directions and then allow patients to receive treatment in local institutions.   Regarding the booking procedures, patients are required to register, provide consent and upload all reports. At the same time, patient data in different regions will be stored anonymously and managed separately following international standards. For example, the data of patients in Hong Kong will be stored in the cloud in Hong Kong, and patient data in the Mainland will be stored in the cloud in the Mainland. Moreover, all sensitive information will be encrypted, and doctors must perform identity authentication during consultations to obtain the right to access patient data.