Basio Consultants & Services Limited

Company Profile

Basio welcomes 2016 with an expansion and uplift of the company’s dedication to sophisticated Ultra High Net Worth Clients who has been with us since our inception in 2004. A Multi Family Office structure become viable and offers variations for precision and responsiveness. Majority of our clients are from Middle East, Iran and are doing trade and investment in China, Hong Kong and the Far East.

Together with external asset manager & private institutions, we provide strategic wealth diversification and management focusing mainly on capital protection and growth, tax efficiency, trustee, corporate services, real estate, philanthropy, family governance and lifestyle management.

In addition to this is project financing, wherein a consortium of investors and lenders will participate to undertake project that would be too large for individual investors to underwrite, our professional team with deep and extensive experience will identify the type of creative financing structures and source of finance (from banks to ECAs and Funds / Private Equity).

Basio’s ongoing venture and its future growth is the dedication and strength of its CEO, Mr Behzad Mirzaei, a HK permanent resident, speaks English, Cantonese, Persian and Arabic. Mr Mirzaei has been the driving force on business and projects with Iran for several years. Educated in Canada, Mr Mirzaei is a former Vice Chairman of HK General Chamber of Commerce Asia Africa Sub Committee and former Co-Opt Member of HK Equal Opportunity Commission.

Country/Region of Head Office