BillionGroup Technologies Ltd – Providing energy and environmental consultancy services to Belt and Road countries

BillionGroup Technologies Ltd, an energy and environmental consultant in Hong Kong founded in 1991, has established an international presence through providing public and private sectors with a diversity of consultancy and implementation services related to energy conservation and pollution prevention.

The consultancy firm’s clientele spans different parts of the world, including Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland, other parts of Asia, Europe, Africa and Americas. In 2012, it made its first foray into Bangladesh, a country covered by the Belt and Road Initiative, to oversee the operational efficiency of six local factories. Recently, BillionGroup entered into deals with the commercial sectors in the Asian-Pacific region. With the support of governments including that of Bangladesh, the Hong Kong company provides green consultancy services for a variety of development projects.

BillionGroup’s services in the on-going package scheme cover an extensive scope. Leveraging its expertise and the fruits of its research in innovative energy-saving solutions, led by founder and veteran engineer Ir Steve Wong, BillionGroup strives to help the public and private sectors of Belt and Road countries, including Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Timor-Leste, Thailand and Vietnam, to create a greener environment and higher operational efficiency.

The services provided by BillionGroup include the introduction of smart lighting to factories in Dhaka to achieve an estimated 95 percent cut in electricity costs, as well as an integrated airport baggage handling system, of which the cross-belt sorting technology can boost throughput by 300 percent. The system can also reduce energy costs by 33 percent and minimise the number of cases of mishandled luggage. There is also a waste-to-energy conversion scheme designed to convert 20,000 tons of urban waste to generate about 11,800 tons of organic fertilisers.

The projects are expected to help raise the living standard of people in Bangladesh and other Belt and Road countries, where energy infrastructure is insufficient and operational efficiency and environmental conservation are not always the priorities in urbanisation projects. BillionGroup’s leading role in the projects exemplifies how Hong Kong green consultants can make use of its substantial knowledge in ‒ and access to ‒ advanced technologies to help neighbouring countries along the Belt and Road routes move forward in the 21st century.

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