Prosper Construction Holdings - Coal-fired power plant in Bali, Indonesia

Prosper Construction Holdings, a Hong Kong-based contractor specializing in marine construction services, has an established track record in marine infrastructure developments at home and abroad.

Established in 2001, Prosper Construction owns over 50 marine plants and vessels, including floating jetties, a floating batching plant, a wide range of barges and dredging equipment, and a diversity of land construction equipment such as cranes and earth-moving machines. It also operates its own crew and technicians. All these give the company an edge when bidding for projects and enables it to ensure high project quality and good time control. This strength in resources has also helped Prosper Construction win a variety of marine infrastructure projects in regions or countries along the Belt and Road route. A good number of the projects are located in Indonesia, Southeast Asia’s largest economy which has the region’s greatest need for new infrastructure.

A high-profile project that Prosper Construction completed recently through its subsidiaries, Hong Kong River Engineering Co. and PT Indonesia River Engineering Co., is a coal-fired power plant in Bali.

Located in Celukan Bawang, North Bali, the plant was built with an investment of US$700 million by China Huadian Group, one of the five largest state-owned power generation enterprises in China, as well as PT Merryline International, and PT General Energy Indonesia. It consists of three units, each carrying a capacity of 142 megawatt units and using efficient, clean coal technology.

Over the past decade, Bali the island has been depending heavily on electricity supplied by Java-based power plants. Demand for electricity on the island has been on the rise, and frequent blackouts have hampered local businesses and investments. The establishment of the plant is expected to help the island enjoy more stable power supply.

Prosper Construction was responsible for constructing the jetty, revetments and seawater intake pipeline. The company’s Hong Kong team was behind the scenes, drafting the tender proposal in the early stage and liaising with consultants.

There were considerable challenges in executing the project, including local shortage of building materials and strong wind and fierce waves in the area where the plant is located. Yet Prosper Construction managed to pull through by ensuring its technicians upheld the safety standards and by sourcing materials from China.

The project is an example of how a resourceful Hong Kong company can readily employ what it has to support Chinese investors to go abroad and help build infrastructure projects that benefit Belt and Road countries.

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