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Hong Kong was created as a trading post of the British East India Company for 19th century China trade. A new China trade is flowing, much bigger than the one before, which is what the Belt and Road signifies. It is natural that Hong Kong should again be a major node for it. Hong Kong has strong links to China and the rest of Northeast Asia. For Hong Kong to be a super connector for the new China trade, it must also develop strong links to the rest of Asia, in particular, to Southeast, South and West Asia. Hong Kong's full range of capabilities can then be brought into full play. 

Riding on the Initiative and taking advantage of ASEAN’s economic integration, Kerry Logistics continues to expand its ASEAN-wide cross-border road transportation network – KART which connects regional MNCs in ASEAN with the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong. One of the company’s successful showcases is a well-known toothpaste brand in which Kerry Logistics transports the raw materials in barrels packing (e.g. sodium salt, calcium salt) from the origin in Kunming to the client’s factory in Bangkok through the Kunming-Bangkok highway. Compared to the traditional land-sea solution – from Kunming to Guangdong by land and then to Bangkok by sea, the client can significantly shorten the transportation lead time from two weeks to less than four days.

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