Alco International Ltd – Tapping into opportunities in Indonesia

Alco International Limited, a Hong Kong-based company that is today one of the world’s largest manufacturers of tablets and mini laptops, has ventured to Indonesia – one of the largest markets among the Belt and Road. Alco successfully identified an Indonesian distributor during HKTDC’s “InStyle Hong Kong” on 17-19 September 2015 and began to distribute its products in East and West Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi and Kalimantan.

Alco has been manufacturing premium audio and video products for more than three decades, and has world-class manufacturing facilities in Houjie, Dongguan, Guangdong Province. Faced with increased competition in the past few years, Alco has recently decided to develop its own branding business with the brand “Venturer” that it has owned for more than 25 years. Alco has been distributing Venturer tablets and 2-in-1 mini laptops as well as other electronic products around the world including in Asia, North America and Europe, laying a solid foundation for Alco to explore market opportunities along the Belt and Road.

Danny Yick, Managing Director of Alco International Limited, said the company understands the significance of China’s Belt and Road Initiative, and is keen to further develop its business in Indonesia, an important strategic market under the Initiative. Yick said Hong Kong companies like Alco are at an advantage in developing their business in Indonesia because the quality of products manufactured by Hong Kong companies is widely recognised, Indonesian consumers are especially price sensitive and always looking for good-value products, and that Hong Kong companies’ marketing expertise have helped them promote their products through Facebook and search engine marketing with great effectiveness.

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