The Beghelli Group is a European Emergency lighting leader operating in the fields of energy saving lighting, electronic safety, security systems and Photovoltaic systems. We are committed to achieving energy savings and protecting the environment without compromising our high standards of product quality controls by achieving through the implementation of technologies providing savings and safety to consumers both in domestic and industrial fields.

Beghelli Asia Pacific has been expanding gradually according to local and international market needs and niche.

To satisfy above mentioned market demands, we utilize our Group technologies and facilities from China, Italy SpA, Germany and Czech facilities as marketing and sales tools to expand, explore and develop new products and technologies with a view that Beghelli will become more diverse, comprehensive and powerful lighting supplier globally.

Our core activities remain in Hong Kong and China where the Indoors and Outdoors lighting demands are consistent and evolving into technology and professional system based applications covering retail lighting, general LED products, emergency power systems (Central Battery System , UPS and self-contained) and innovation driven IOT systems.

Above business lines have been evolving by closely following HK SAR government’s 2016 Smart Policy Address and co-developing with Smart system providers in and outside HK Science Park.

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