Voedsel Holdings is a company with existing fully registered and licenced mines in Zimbabwe. Our mining interests in Zimbabwe are spread across Lithium, Platinum, Gold, Coal and Carbon methane gas. These minerals are vast and suitable for commercial mining.  Our claims are as listed below; 200,000 hectares of Coal and Carbon methane in Hwange, 50,000 hectares of Carcon methane in Lupane, 500 hectares of Gold in Bindura, 500 hectares of Gold in Chinhoyi, 1300 hectares of Lythium in Gweru Shangani, 900 hectares of Lythium in Mutoko,  1500 hectares of Lythium in Somabula, 450 hectares of Lythium in Kamativi, 30,000 hectares of Platinum in Shurugwi