Solar Projects in India

There are two solar assets in India under operation which we are intending to acquire 100% with a total size of 33 MW. 1.One plant is operational in Gujarat, capacity 25 MW, State Government PPA and 19 years of PPA tenure left. project IRR is around 14.5%. Tariff is above 5 INR. 2. Second plant is operational in Telangana State, size 18 MWp, Government PPA, tenure 25 years, tariff 5.724 INR, Project IRR is 15%. 3. Third project is a ready to build solar project with a size of 50 MW & located in Maharashtra State, India. Tariff is 2.74 INR. Project IRR 12%. PPA tenure 25 years and targeted date of commissining is 6th February, 2022.