Solar-Powered Poultry Farm With Slow-Growth Sector

Terrexo enterprise is planning on launching closed-loop poultry farm including hatching, growing, processing divisions and separate slow-growth sector. The carbon footprint for the most of the activities is close to zero. The startup is located well developed and rich agriculture region in North-East Bulgaria (a full-fledged EU member).  Information on profitability and returns analysis presented hereinafter is tailored to a potential loan financing entity.  Summary results of key financials are presented in the table and figure above. The analysis revealed that the project would be able to repay the borrowed funds, in both the Base Case and Worst Case scenarios.  Average EBITDA of ca. EUR 37 M with the base case (EUR 19.0 M with worst case) and Free Cash Flows to Debt and Equity Holders of ca. EUR 29 M with the base case (EUR 17.0 M with worst case) would be enough to service the loan       The project would be generating an annual average revenue of EUR 84 M against  an annual average operating expenses of EUR  52 M, resulting in an annual average EBITDA of EUR 37 M and average annual Net Income of EUR 31 M.  These figures would be sufficient for repayment of the loan of EUR 95 M.    ​